The Home of Infinite Possibilities


For many people, the world is a place of judgement, vilification, abuse and limitation. The unspoken reality, however, is that people experience the world like that, because that is what they choose for themselves.

“Gary and I are hoping to dislodge the absolute necessity in your world to choose a small, limited, painful life and instead choose to make your life about infinite possibilities and infinite choice. And there’s something we want to let you know
about choosing this: It never looks the way you think it will.” –Dr. Dain Heer

“In this reality, we aren’t taught about infinite possibility; instead, we get indoctrinated into the finite possibility of this reality. We are told, ‘You can’t do that. You can’t have that. Things can’t be that way.’ It’s sad but true. Throughout my life people have told me, ‘What you want is just not possible. Life’s not that easy. You can’t have it that good.’ My question has always been: ‘Why not?’”
–Gary Douglas

In Home Of Infinite Possibilities, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, the co-founders of Access Consciousness®, have vibrant, funny, profound, and sometimes stunning conversations with the participants at an Access Consciousness event in Houston, Texas, where they explore the concept of seeing yourself as the possibility and living from a place of total commitment.

Discover what is possible for you as Gary and Dain facilitate a poignant discussion about the power of possibility and how truly committing to your life allows the universe to work with you, without limitation.


This is one of the classes (and now books!) that has gifted me ‘the gift of me’ where I started to really look at committing to my life & what that actually meant. Previously I had the point of view that my parents brought me into this world so I owed them something for that. I brought 3 children into this world so I had to be committed to the job of being a Mom.

No where in my daily living did I ever consider being me or doing something for me without taking into consideration how it would sit with everyone else. I used that to stop myself from creating the life I desired. Now I am well on my way to choosing what works for me, what’s fun for me & surprisingly enough my relationships with my parents & my children have gotten so much better. We are all a lot happier & have more ease with each other. I now also function from no problems, only possibilities! Thank-you Gary & Dain

Patricia Sas, CFMW, BF

Changing from functioning as solid and real and tangible and what we can touch, taste, smell and see…to energy, space, consciousness, sensing and knowing – is quite a process!

For me, this made the invisible world of infinite possibilities and functioning as an infinite being more practical as a way to function in every day life. It has been a deep acknowledgement of what is really true for me. The next question I have asked since, has been if I have the courage to choose it. Do I have the courage and willingness to go beyond what anyone else says is possible or true or real; and truly trust what I know, what I can have, what I can create and what I can choose?…It is an ongoing question, and what is showing up is miraculous! And so very different than I would have ever imagined. It is all way easier. Not always pretty, yet nonetheless far easier!

Grateful for the empowerment of this book and everything Gary and Dain have contributed to greater possibilities for me personally, and anyone willing to have it!

Heather Smith, CFMW

The Home of Infinite Possibilities is an amazing class for choosing to be greater than possibilities you have been choosing. It is an allowance and phenomenal tool for you to be aware of many new possibilities and step into and be the Home of Infinite Possibilities that you truly are. Are you ready to choose to be you?
Brian Stovall, Activate One



Gary Douglas is an internationally-recognized thought leader, bestselling author, business innovator and founder of Access Consciousness®.  Access Consciousness® is available in more than 170 countries and has contributed to changing the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world for the past 30 years. He has authored or co-authored 18 books including the Barnes and Noble #1 bestselling novel, The Place. An avid investor and entrepreneur, Gary is a vocal advocate of Benevolent Capitalism and conscious leadership. He co-hosts a weekly radio on Voice America and has featured in numerous TV shows, print media and online publications around the world. He is renowned for his unique insights on love, relationships, money, business, aging, leadership and emotional freedom.



Dr. Dain Heer is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, internationally renowned speaker and co-creator and leading facilitator of Access Consciousness®. Originally raised in the ghettos of Los Angeles and trained as a chiropractor, Dr Heer is also the co-founder of a diverse range of businesses around the world. A conscious and creative thought leader with a profound understanding of the power of personal creation, Dr. Heer draws upon his background and unique perspective to facilitate positive change in the world, and empower people from every culture, country, age and social strata to create the money, relationships and life they truly desire.